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The construction of the Trans-Amazonian highway (BR-230) is one of our core references for this period. It would promote new economic activities in the region such as gold mining, cattle farming and logging enterprises. The work of the photographers Claudia Andujar and George Love helped us reflect on a different image of the Amazon. Their work shows the presence of indigenous people, another aesthetics of Amazon aerial images, and the effects of the government intervention for the highway construction. In addition, we researched some videos at the time from enterprises supporting the civil-military Brazilian government, as presented in the video below from Volkswagen. 

For the experiment, we used some photos from Claudia Andujar's exposition "A Luta Yanomami". She worked for a special issue of the magazine Realidades about the national colonization projects at the Brazilian Amazon by the civil-militar administration. Claudia made nationally known the struggles of the Yanomami people. 

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