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In his book Ansichten der Natur,  Alexander von Humboldt “wanted to create a synthetic view of “multiple local phenomenon”. Claudia Matos explains that Humboldt’s book would address different segments of our planet considering human, nature and climate dimensions. Humboldt’s attempt was: “to compose a painting or a picture that would have the power to put that segment of nature before the eyes of the reader”*. 

The concept Landschaft tries to summarize different elements in a single image. It ignores social, economic and political contradictions looking for a pacified translation whilst, ignoring disparities.


*Mattos, C., 2004. Landscape paiting between art and science . In:  Erickson et al., eds. Alexander von Humboldt: From Americas to the Cosmos. New York: Bildner Center for Western Hemisphere Studies, 141-155.



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